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La rete consolare


La rete consolare

>> For further information on entrance visas for Italy and the Schengen area click here.


Visa Office:
Tel +994-12-4975133/35 ext. 131
Fax +994-12-4975202
Direct telephone and fax: +994-12-4971776

All foreigners intending to enter Italy must provide the documentation required to justify the reasons and duration of their stay as well as, in some prescribed cases, the availability of adequate economic means and lodging.
In some cases you need a visa, application for which can be made at the Italian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in your country of residence.

Price list of the Italian Visa Center "Visametric" 2016.

Documents required to apply for visa to Italy:
1. Visa application form (click here)
2. Recent passport-style photo
3. Passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date
4. Return-trip booking or ticket or proof of available means of personal transport
5. Proof of available lodging in Italy: tourist vouchers, hotel booking, offer of hospitality (click here)
6. Proof of economic means of support, as per Ministry of Interior Directive 1.3.2000 (click here)
7. Documentation of socio-professional standing
8. Health insurance policy with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for emergency hospital and repatriation expenses

Be advised:
· the Diplomatic or Consular Representation reserves the right to request further documentation 

Visit the web site to:
- find out whether, depending on your citizenship, country of long-term residence, and the duration and reasons for your stay, you need a visa to enter Italy.
- find out which documents are required in order to apply for your visa. 

                                                                                  BE ADVISED:
presentation of the documentation requested 
                                                  does not necessarily ensure issuance of the visa

Visit the web site to:
- administrative fee due for visa request.


1.  When entering Italy, even if you have already obtained a visa, the border authorities are authorised to check the documentation required for obtaining the visa itself.

2. Pursuant to article 4, paragraph 2 of Consolidated Text no. 286/98 and subsequent amendments, concomitant with the issuance of your visa you will receive a written communication from the diplomatic or consular authority illustrating the rights and obligations associated with your entrance and stay in Italy, with particular regard to the procedures envisaged for requesting a “Permesso di soggiorno” (permission to stay) or the issuance of a “Dichiarazione di presenza” (statement of presence).


It is possible to have access to the new  "Guide to the use of consular service"

"Guide to the use of consular service"