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Diplomatic relations between Italy and Azerbaijan date back to May of 1992 and have steadily strengthened to necessitate the opening of the Embassy of Italy in Baku (1997) and an Azerbaijani Embassy in Rome (2004). The relationships are excellent and are characterized by an intensive cooperation both bilaterally and in several international organizations where Italy and Azerbaijan participate.

Italy and Azerbaijan are two Countries linked by deep bonds of friendship and cooperation, as well as a profitable economic partnership. Hand in hand with the consolidation of the Azerbaijan young democracy, Italy has increased the opportunities for political dialogue at both bilateral and in multilateral forums of which both Countries belong (in particular the OSCE and the Council of 'Europe).

Since the beginning Italy has been one of the most active Western partners in promoting the path of European and Atlantic integration of Azerbaijan. This in the knowledge that the intensification of Baku cooperation with the European Union (currently framed under the Eastern Partnership) and the Atlantic Alliance (to which Azerbaijan is bound by a Partnership Agreement) are susceptible to approach the objectives of completing the Country's transition to democracy and to encourage the creation of a market economy, while ensuring conditions of stability and security in an area - that of the Caucasus - traveled from serious international tension.
Articulating this policy, the action of our country has always been inspired by the need to maintain a balanced position on the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute, avoiding positions that could be interpreted as partisan, and while intensifying the diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue. This approach is appreciated by those authorities.
Among the priority issues of the bilateral political dialogue, it should be mentioned the reform of the UN Security Council, on which Azerbaijan has in recent months shown interesting signals of evolution and a growing interest in the arguments of our diplomacy to promote truly democratic and representative modified formulas of the composition of the Council.

Ambassadors of Italy in Azerbaijan since 1997:

• Alessandro Fallavollita, Ambassador, March 1997;
• Margherita Costa, Ambassador, March 2001;
• Gian Luigi Mascia, Ambassador, September 2005;
• Mario Giorgio Stefano Baldi, Ambassador, September 2009;
• Giampaolo Cutillo, Ambassador, August 2013;
• Augusto Massari, Ambassador, August 2017