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Domande frequenti

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The site provides general information to citizens on foreign countries, including those related to the security situation. It is a service provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered in cooperation with the ACI (Automobile Club of Italy, is a federation of 106 provincial Automobile Club, which represents and protects the interests of Italian motoring). Tabs and warnings for travelers going abroad are based upon information believed to be reliable and available at the date of publication and are cured by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the ACI within their competence. It seems appropriate to emphasize that the security situations of foreign countries can quickly change and that, despite great care in finding the information, the data are subject to constant changes and updates. Having considered all of the above, is left to each traveler every decision about the trip to be undertaken. Maps shown are not relevant from a political standpoint, but serve only for geographical reference. The information contained on this site can be acquired through the Central Telephone Operators, active every day (with voice service in the timetable night): From Italy 06-491115 and from abroad +39-06-491115

MAE-CRUI agreement


The visa required for entry in Azerbaijan, can be obtained at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Rome by submitting the documentation for the internship.


The national airline of Azerbaijan "Azal" operates scheduled flights to Milan Malpensa-Baku and Baku-Milan Malpensa every Monday and Friday. The round trip costs about 600 euros (October 2009); a special fare for students is available at request. It is advisable to bring a document certifying the inscription at the University. More information about: Other companies reaching Baku are: Air Baltic, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, British Airlines, Lufthansa.   


One-room flats are barely available. The cost of a furnished flat for two or three people ranges between 700 and 900 USD per month. Payment of 3-6 months rent in often required in advance.The city is considered safe and well served by subway (one stop is close to the Embassy), so it is possible to find alternative accommodation outside the City Center. However, prices do not drop significantly (reduction in the order of 100-150 $). It is normal to bargain on price and also get a discount of $ 100 per month.


It is possible to find almost all Italian food at reasonable prices. The city is rich in local cuisine with both international and traditional Azeri, Turkish, Georgian of good quality (meal average price meal 20 Euro).

Internship costs

Including the prices of flight and of the rent, the three-month internship involves a total expenditure of not less than 2,000 euros (prices as at June 2008), on the condition that you decide to share the apartment.  

Italian language teaching

Many trainees, in their spare time, have taught Italian at University Institute in Baku (presence of 10-15 Azerbaijani students with a high level of knowledge of Italian). There is also the possibility of involvement in cultural activities carried out by the Embassy.

More information can be obtained by writing an e-mail to the tutor of internship (at the address provided by the ISDI) and by visiting: