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Informazioni settoriali


Informazioni settoriali



In this section we give you information on taxes applied in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Taxes are determined and paid as: state taxes (stipulated by the Tax Code and obligatory for payment on the entire territory of Azerbaijan), autonomous republic taxes (stipulated by the laws of Nakhichevan Autonomy Republic in accordance with the Tax Code and obligatory for payment in the Nakhichevan Autonomy Republic) and municipal taxes (stipulated by the Tax Code and applicable legislation, applied by the resolution of municipalities and obligatory for payment on the territory of municipalities).
In accordance with the legislation of 2008, you can get information on all types of present taxes:

- Registration of taxpayers
- Profit tax
- Value Added tax (VAT)
- Excise tax
- Property tax
Mining tax
- Simplified tax
- Simplified tax for persons implementing automobile transport services
- Road tax

For more information visiti the website:

Administration and Documentation Centre for International Economic Cooperation

Non-profit government body created to provide market operators with information, documentation, training, assistance and consulting with regard to the countries of Eastern Europe (Balkans, Central-Eastern Europe, CIS) and Central and Eastern Asia (China, Mongolia, Vietnam):

- provides assistance in the use of government internationalisation instruments, which includes helping enterprises to complete the application procedure for funding or contributions.


Institute for Industrial Promotion  

·       government agency under the vigilance of the Ministry of Productive Activities specialised in promoting the growth and competitiveness of productive and economic systems in an international global context;  

·       intervenes in the planning, realisation and administration of programmes, systematic actions and instruments aimed at supporting the development of Italian enterprises;  

·       operates in the context of the processes of international multilateral industrial cooperation promoted by the Italian government. 

IPI website

Several principal representative organisations  

Italian Manufacturers’ association  

·        contributes – along with political institutions and national and international economic, social and cultural organisations – to the country’s economic growth and social progress;  

·        intervenes in support of economic, political, social and cultural organisations in Italy and the European Union;  

·        represents and safeguards the sector of goods and services production.

Confindustria website  

Italian Confederation of Small and medium-Sized Enterprises

·        promotes the interests of small and medium-sized industry;  

·        fosters the economic and civil development of the country in association with national and foreign organisations and institutions.

Confapi website     

General Italian Confederation of Trade, Tourism, and Services for SMEs

·        collaborates with the European Union in defining community policy in the sector;  

·        assists and handles applications for contributions for promotional activities abroad;  

·        researches new markets and seeks out potential buyers on international markets.

Confcommercio website

Organisation for information on and representation of Italian artisan enterprises

·        supports the development of new enterprises through training activities and information on local and national level opportunities and concessions;  

·        provides initial assessments of the quality of entrepreneurial projects and offers basic consulting on matters of legislation, credit, taxes and the environment;  

·        grants financial concessions in order to turn “business plans” into concrete enterprises.

Confartigianato website

National Confederation of artisan and small and medium-sized enterprises

·        represents artisan enterprises;  

·        formulates sector strategies and supplies information on opportunities, programmes and tenders proposed by the European Union;  

·        represents the world of self-enterprise through “CNA self-employed” consultants and collaborators.

CNA website

Italian agriculture organisation

·        promotes, assists and coordinates the economic activities of individual products or sectors of production;  

·        represents and safeguards its associate enterprises within the institutional context;  

·        provides its associates with various qualified services such as legal consultation, training and technical assistance in the management of the agricultural enterprise.

Confagricultura website