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Comunicato stampa dell’Italia sulla dichiarazione italo-Azerbaijana sul parternariato strategico


With reference to the Italian-Azerbaijani Declaration on Strategic Partnership, whose adoption was agreed upon on the occasion of the visit in Rome of the President of the republic of Azerbaijan, Italy deems necessary to  clarify its actual scope, thus preventing interpretations that are not consistent with the position of the Italian Government on some issues referred to in the document.
The Declaration substantially focuses on the significant perspectives of the bilateral partnership, in consideration of the outstanding quality of the rich and multifaceted relations between the two countries, and it is not addressed against any other partner of Italy.
It is not meant to interfere at all with the only ongoing negotiation process towards the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, managed under the OSCE aegis by the tripartite co-Chairmanship of the Minsk Group, of which Italy is a member and whose actions Italy recognizes and supports.
Italy, consistently with the consolidated UE common positions on the issue, therefore confirms its respect for and confidence in the ongoing mentioned negotiation process, in the principles proposed in its framework, and in the actions performed by France, Russian Federation and the United States as co-Chairmen.