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Official conclusion of the third edition of the Italian Design Day in Baku

Yesterday Ambassador Augusto Massari attended the final conference of the Italian Design Day in Baku. The conference was held at YARAT and promoted by the Italian architecture studio DRA&U and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan, represented by President Elbay Gasimzada.

During the conference DRA&U and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan presented their common project “Baku Urban Regeneration”. The project refers to a core area of the city of Baku, defined between Azerbaijan Avenue, Mirza Aga Aliyev, Nabat Ashrubekov and Nizami streets.

The project aims to create “a smart district for the future city”, where urban, architectural and social transformations take place inside an historic, traditional and cultural contest that is well defined. The project, that puts in contact architectural excellence, represents a great opportunity of collaboration between our countries.

“It is a good example of friendly collaboration between Azerbaijani and Italian creativity” – underlined Ambassador Massari – “regeneration is a word of a deep meaning: it recall us about the importance of innovating by getting inspiration from the tradition”.